Stepped attenuator volume control

  • Step Attenuator Boosts High-End Audio Performance Low-profile audio attenuators provide 47 positions with selectable end-stops from 1 to 6 channels, boast high-end volume control, superb sonic ...
4pole 24 Step Attenuator Volume Control Pot Log A 25K 25KA Stereo Potentiometer. $20.80. $26.00 + $8.00 shipping . 2P 24 Step Attenuator Volume Control Pot Log A 500K Mono Potentiometer Ladder. $15.60. $19.50 + $5.00 shipping . Fully Balanced Passive Preamplifier / Volume Controller XLR/RCA HiFi Pre-amp.

This feature of the 8th note stepped attenuator takes care of switching between the remote and the potentiometer control. If you use the remote to change the volume, the actual volume may be lower or higher than the position of your potentiometer (because it does not follow the remote).

Volume production units, samples and evaluation kits are available now. For 10,000-unit orders, each PE43711 is $2.60, each PE43712 is $2.80 and each PE43713 is $8.80. See related items: Peregrine launches pin-compatible PE4312 50Ω RF digital step attenuator upgrade from PE4302. Tags: Peregrine CMOS SOI Digital step attenuators. Visit: www ...
  • Jun 01, 2020 · This stepped attenuator has a combination of features that are rarely found in other attenuators. It is motor operated allowing the use of a remote control to adjust the volume level. Each attenuator is a mono unit so two are required for stereo operation.
  • It is important to remember that the output impedance of the volume control will be variable but will peak at the sum of the preamp output impedance and the control divided by four. Calculating, 300Ω/4 = 75Ω (too small to worry about) and the control can be 4*11,750Ω = 47kΩ.
  • Either a standard 10K to 50K stereo audio potentiometer or K&K Audio’s shunt attenuator can be used to control the volume. (see Stepped Shunt Attenuator below). Advanced Minimal Reactance Power Supply circuitry is incorporated into the Active Output board is designed to work with a Lundahl LL1683 power transformer.

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    Attenuator circuits are very useful for whenever we need to decrease the strength of signals. Think of applications such as volume control. If the music is too loud, then we need to attenuate them in order to get less volume. The music comes to our ears through audio signals.

    Digital step attenuator as an ... Volume 3, Issue 9, September2014 2327 ... Electrical Schematic of 3 bit TTL control Digital Step Attenuator .

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    The In-line Attenuators from Rothwell UK are designed to: Solve the common yet often overlooked problem of mismatched and excessive system gain. Improve signal-to-noise ratio; Improve resolution; Allows for more precise control of volume, especially with stepped attenuators.

    You can discern the transparent sound quality of Goldpoint stepped attenuators when comparing them to potentiometers. Specially selected resistors make them the very best sounding volume controls available.

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    May 24, 2007 · Relay based attenuators offer a number of advantages, most notably the amount of steps possible. Many give you 64 or more steps, which would be virtually impossible in a stepped attenuator.

    10 Watt Potentiometer Volume Control The preferred method use controls which are specially designed for 100V line operation (attenuators) and simply wired between the amplifier and the loudspeaker. The maximum power ratting of the volume control must be observed and not exceeded, otherwise damage to both control attenuator and amplifier can occur.

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    The fan sound power, Lw, ratings and attenuator insertion loss apply to in-duct operation and where an attenuator is connected between the fan and duct system. Rectangular Attenuators Whilst circular attenuators provide a convenient form of attenuation when used with axial flow fans and have the added advantage of minimising noise break-out, it ...

    A giant step up in audio quality from any potentiometer, this amp ships standard with a series-type 24-step attenuator, made in house. The topology used on the driver maximizes voltage gain and is extremely linear. Use your favorite 6SN7 type tube here.

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    I love the possibilities of something like that. I have a 100 step remote controlled attenuator I bought from Hong Kong a few years back. I have been contemplating the idea of using the relays & resistors to control a variable current source so the LDR's would be driven via a CS vs the variable resistor in the current setup.

    DACT Type SMD Stepped Attenuator 21 step volume control 100k Potentiometer HIFI. $16.50. Free shipping .

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    It uses a stepped attenuator and includes gold plated phono sockets. it is built using american black walnut and has a black perspex insert in its top This passive was built to match the customers PMC speakers and features a balanced xlr output, a normal single ended output and 3 inputs.

    Goldpoint V24C and V47C stepped attenuators are BLANK (= no resistors installed), so you can make your own custom value value/custom taper stepped attenuators. They both require that you purchase your own 1/4 watt thru-hole resistors. Resistor lists for common value stepped attenuators can he seen here.

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    May 15, 2014 · Another alternative used in previous work is convex optimization. 10 Convex optimization is a very powerful tool but is only viable for convex problems, and the control of many types of dynamic attenuators, including the translating attenuator and the double wedge attenuator, appears to be nonconvex. (Control of the perfect attenuator and the ...

    Series Type Stepped Attenuators. Effectively a long chain of resistors whose sum equals the selected impedance. The switch wiper moves through the chain as the volume knob is turned. Like a potentiometer, the input impedance of a series type stepped attenuator remains constant, so the signal source always sees a constant, non varying load.

Jul 30, 2020 · The volume and balance controls are implemented with a reed relay switched stepped attenuator. Using reed relays eliminates much of the annoying "click and clack" that relays have when switching, and instead has a much quieter "ting and tick". The attenuator is 64 steps, 1dB per step, and will mute when the volume is turned all the way down.
The proposed 6-bit digital control step attenuator has been designed and fabricated in 0.13-μm SiGe BiCMOS technology. The die photograph of the proposed 6-bit digital control step attenuator is depicted in Figure 10. The total chip size is 1 × 0.9 mm 2. All the DC Pads are bond wired to a PCB for chip testing, and the chip is probed with ...
My one major peeve is the built-in attenuator! Very frustrating to have my Antelope Zodiac Gold volume control necessitating a ramp-up to the -20dB to -14dB level (depending on the quality of the recording), and even more so when I wish to do critical listening at 83dB spl in a 99 cu. meter room with a 6m ceiling.
Since first introducing the L3 kit back in 2005 (known then as the M3 Line Kit) we have received many enhancement requests for the L3 from the audiophile community including Extension Kits for the selector switch, optional Stereo and Mono Stepped Attenuators, Transformer options, different price points etc.